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A General Update

2010-03-20 17:10:45 by SSJ5G

The version of Flash CS3 I'm using won't accept the songs that worked on the old one. So, what I aim to do now is to produce the bulk of the animation in Flash itself, then put it through Windows Movie Maker and edit in the music there.

What does this mean?

1) EEnE Z is moving to YouTube.
2) There will be a watermark for Moyea in the corner.
3) HD Videos from WMM to YouTube.

So, until I figure out how to get the music to work, EEnE Z will be continued in this fashion.

Note: Videos will have to be done in this way. When I make an update, I'll link to the Youtube URL of all the parts of the Episode. If I upload it to here without any music, it'll be blammed to all hell.


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