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2010-03-08 15:28:22 by SSJ5G

Before anyone with a smartass comment comes in and takes credit for the destruction of my XP-run computer, read.
Yes, EEnE Z is discontinued until further notice. My old computer faltered and died, and I lost my sprites, music, and all the stuff I needed, including Flash and Paint.NET. So, I can't do anything about Episode 8. So, yeah.

Remember, time goes on. If you want to watch something between EEnE Z Updates, I recommend:

Reason: Cool. Also, it's what inspired me to make sprite movies.

Reason: Cool, but if you're photosensitive, don't watch the later installments.

Nazo Unleashed
Reason: Drawings--FAR better drawings that I can come up with (hint: Don't ask me to make EEnE Z with drawings, unless you want unintelligible blobs all over the place.) and also is cool.
Speaking of which, I also have made a cruicial decision regarding EEnE Z:

There will be five sagas and over 60 episodes.

I combined the Revenge Saga and the Mecha Sonic Saga into one whie touching the key points of each.

Saga 1: Heritage
Saga 2: Chaos
Saga 3: Revenge (of Eggman and Utonium)
Saga 4: PPG Saga
Saga 5: Final

The EEnE Z Lowdown

2010-01-23 21:11:48 by SSJ5G

Six sagas, over 50 episodes total.

I've split it into two even parts.

Part I: The Revenge
Saga 1: Heritage Saga
Saga 2: Chaos Saga
Saga 3: Revenge Saga

Part II: The Awakening
Saga 4: Mecha Sonic Saga
Saga 5: PPG Saga
Saga 6: Final Saga

Other projects I'm working on:

2010-01-16 12:11:26 by SSJ5G

Sonic Vs. Goku (a balanced fight): Projected date of completion: May-June 2010.

RSM Series S1 E2: April 2010??

Episode #7 EEnE Z: late January/early February 2010?

EEnE Z Intro: Unknown date, early this year though.

EEnE Z Episode 7

2010-01-03 11:05:43 by SSJ5G

Well, it'll take a while to release. I took a hitaus over the holidays, and even now I'm having trouble coming up with ideas to create an initial fight scene.

In addition, I have semester exams to study for as well.

EEnE Z Voices

2009-12-28 13:18:12 by SSJ5G

I need the audition lines by the start of 2010 or I'll have to put voice acting on the wait list until the Chaos Saga.

Episode 6 of EEnE Z Update

2009-12-06 12:35:32 by SSJ5G

The animation part is nearly done, but I know I've gone overboard with it...I stretched it for 4800+ frames, so it's definitely going to be the lengthiest episode to date.

Don't expect super-lengthy episodes like #6 in the future, though.

Episode 6 of EEnE Z

2009-11-28 10:35:43 by SSJ5G

Is on its way. Hopefully I can get all my voices before I complete Episode 7, or else I'll just wait until Episode 13--the start of the Chaos Saga--to include voices.

As it stands the animation is about 50-60% done.

Life will pile up soon...

2009-10-10 21:16:19 by SSJ5G

The upload times between episodes will be going on longer and longer. I'm already in 11th grade (high-school Junior) and planning on either being a video game designer or a computer scientist. (Programming seems to be going well for me at present, but that's not what I'm talking about.)

There will be over 60 episodes to EEnE Z, at most 80. It depends purely on what episodes I can squeeze together.

EEnE Z Episode 0

2009-04-14 20:19:03 by SSJ5G

Until I incorporate the Backstory into Episode 2 of this series, enjoy this handy little story. The real one might be longer, unless this explains it.

The schools were a nice place. They were indeed a nice place until 2001, when questionable teachers such as Professor Utonium, and Dr. Gero were put into positions. From there, student abuse became common behind closed doors, and eventually, the students learned the truth, mounting a U.S.-backed rebellion against the tyrants. Corey, Zach, and Drew, three Saiyan cousins were tossed into the conflict. They rose the ranks because of their innate combat skill, and won the war by destroying the SuperSchool. School was abolished thereafter, unless done at home.

Five years passed. Corey, Zach and Drew had split up to pursue their own training regiments. Corey went on a training trip, while Zach and Drew followed their families and trained at the same time. Eventually, Corey's travels brought him to Peach Creek, which looked to be a great place to settle in. As he arrived, though, he saw three boys with red neckties being led to a "Walk of Shame" by a tanned, blue-haired individual named Rolf. As Corey watched, he sensed great powers locked within the three teens, along with some other inhabitants. Could it be that Corey wasn't the only one lied to about his heritage?

After Corey introduced himself, the three introduced themselves as Ed, Edd, n' Eddy. Afterward, the Eds were framed by the critically acclaimed "wimp" named Jimmy for doing several crimes on a dedicated "Friendship Day" in the Cul-De-Sac. He had found them that night, having escaped a Kanker Kiss-Fest and splattered with 100% real fruit juice. From then on, they were friends. At least until Corey discovered their heritage once and for all when their tails grew back about six days later. After himself being pelted with fruit for associating with the Eds, he took the Eds to the junkyard and recited the history of the Saiyans. Up on the hilltop overlooking Peach Creek, Corey taught the Eds how to control and use their Ki to fly, Supress/Sense power, and use basic energy attacks...However, Eddy wanted to get some money. Corey wouldn't help by being a walking circus act, so he went for Plan B: Professor Scam!

While Eddy was hamming it up, Corey planned to teach the Eds one way or another. But Eddy had pissed off Kevin (along with everyone else victimized by the "thingamajig" scam), so much so that the red-head bike lover wanted to rid the Cul-De-Sac of the three...permanently. So he looked up books on how to build Androids, but found nothing. A shady individual named "Utonium" taught him how...

Corey mailed a letter to Drew, expressing that he get to Peach Creek to help him teach the Eds. While Drew was on his way, Corey kept trying to get the Eds to accept their obvious heritage, but they wouldn't believe him, even after he drew out their dormant Saiyan power from training them. Kevin finally finished a machine in his heavily renovated basement that would allow him to build all sorts of prototypes, with the help of "Utonium". Now, he is ready to kill the Eds...