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2009-02-13 21:29:37 by SSJ5G

I've decided to remake only the first seventeen Episodes of CEZ. I feel that after Season 1, the series started slowly deteriorating, but that could easily be attributed to me getting more of a life as time went on. If I ever do go beyond the first season, though, I'll probably end up doing it all. Episode 4--I don't know when that's coming out. But, all I know now is, I'm working on two or three things:

1. Dark Sonic's Rampage (remake of an old Windows Movie Maker sprite vid)
2. Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Z (Yep, that's true.)
3. Some other things in Windows Movie Maker and Flash

But yeah, I'm mainly working on finishing up the Windows Movie Maker-made Chaos Emerald Z.

Episode 3 + Other Annoucement

2008-12-05 21:36:23 by SSJ5G

CEZ Episode 3, and sorry for the long wait, will hopefully be out before December 9th, 2008.

Also, I plan to do a thing where it is essentially CEAF, millions of diverse forms, some form of plot, and lots of "MUST FAITO!!!" action.

It's on my YouTube channel.

Oh, and those of you who want to get on a CEZ RPG, click here: Chaos Emerald Z RPG

Maybe CEZ isn't your thing, but DBZ is. If you want an original RPG (not based on DBZ main story directly), click here: Dragonball Transcendant

Yes, it's based off of one written by Laphitaya Chan--he couldn't find time for it, so I wanted to run it myself.

Okay then...

2008-10-26 21:43:59 by SSJ5G

Episode #1 of CEZ is out, hopefully it stays out... hopefully the episodes will improve with time.

Well then, shall I get started?

2008-10-10 19:14:59 by SSJ5G

So, I have a few sprite movies on Youtube, and a friend (SS2Amir) got into Flash. After so long, I got into it as well, and as soon as I can work out the kinks, expect two things:

1) Recreation of Chaos Emerald Z (Sonic/DBZ crossover)

2) Ed, Edd, n' Eddy Z (Massive crossover)

You can view CEZ here, but be warned, it sucks: I made it using WMM.
Chaos Emerald Z

You may also see my Flash skills may not improve by much, but be patient: it will...